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hi, I'm indy~

 I like watching TV, reading, eating food but not cooking, and procrastinating.
I started watching Korean dramas in 2015, when I was in university, and have been captivated ever since.

⫸ My Watch Style
I don't watch dramas all the time. Usually I binge watch multiple shows for a few weeks, and then take a break for a few months.
I enjoy light-hearted dramas and stay away from dark, angsty shows. Bring on the fluff!
Because of this^ I gravitate more towards modern dramas and have only completed a few historical/saeguk/wuxias.
I like to watch recent dramas that catch my eye... so a lot of the older shows on my Plan to Watch list... will probably never be watched ><

⫸ Quick Look ⫷

Favorite genres: 
Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Favorite tropes: hate -> love; when the leads coincidentally knew each other in the past
My first drama: 
Coffee Prince

2019 fave (so-far):
Least favorite tags: 
Workplace, Makjang, Horror
Least favorite tropes: 
instalove; when the lead almost marries someone else

My Rating System
My ratings are based on the overall enjoyment I felt while watching each drama and whether or not I would rewatch it. Characters, plot, music, and atmosphere play a large part, as does chemistry between the actors. 
★ 4.5 
I regret the time I spent watching this show.
★ 5.0 + 5.5 
Bad, but also entirely forgettable. What was this even about? And why did I finish it?
★ 6.0 
Not good. I had to force myself to finish.
★ 6.5 
I thought this was okay. I didn't like it or dislike it. Overall it was rather forgettable.
★ 7.0 
An average drama. There were certain parts of the drama I disliked, but overall it was well-enough and left a positive impression when completed.

*Anything worse than a 4.5 was dropped and will have no rating.
★ 7.5 + 8.0 
I liked this drama more than average despite a major flaw in the plot, character arc, etc. I may rewatch my favorite parts/episodes.
★ 8.5 
I loved watching this drama overall, but when I rewatch it I know I will skip sections that were slow, or sub plots that I disliked.

I could not stop thinking about this drama once I finished it. I love the characters and the setting/atmosphere created by the drama. Some aspect of the show, i.e. plot or editing, could be improved on.
★ 10 ☆
This is my favorite drama. It is not perfect, but I love it anyway.
I hope if you look at my ratings and find we have similar tastes, you may find something new to watch, or give a show you dropped another try.

Indy's MDL Watch ChallengeI have a bad habit of stopping in the middle of dramas when I get bored, or the story becomes too melodramatic for me... 

So I am attempting the MDL Watch Challenge this year as a fun incentive to finish all of the dramas I start. Wish me luck^^

Feel free to add me as a friend or offer a recommendation :3


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