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Sixteen Shoukougun japanese drama review
Dropped 4/8
Sixteen Shoukougun
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by J100
4 days ago
4 of 8 episodes seen
Overall 1.0
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 2.0
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Identity theory

Everything is fine with lesbians or gays; it's natural and people are born with their own identity or develop one. However, when a character says, "I am neither a girl nor a boy, and it doesn't matter anyway," it borders on a fascist script for engineering consciousness. She could have said, "I don't feel sure about being a girl, I don't feel feminine, I don't like being feminine, and maybe I'm also attracted to women," but the end of her sentence, "I am neither this nor that, so it doesn't matter," already proves there is fascist intervention.

A human girl with clear, realistic boundaries, especially in conservative Japan, would never say or even think such a thing. There are quite a few Japanese films with identity issues; that's fine, but this trifle of identity theory and this obsession has nothing to do with conservative Japan that cherishes femininity and family values.

It's clear that this production is aimed primarily at the Western audience in the United States. Even the way they talk in the videos, as if speaking to themselves, feels forced. Instead of speaking to someone, a friend, a parent, or in front of a mirror, we watch a scene where characters are displayed like in a mobile, squeezed into a technological cube, as if they are broadcasting their feelings on TikTok. They lack personality and thoughts of their own, even a human space. What matters to the director or writers is to please the viewers, not to show a human perspective outside the box.
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