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Hi, and welcome to my profile, fellow dramalovers

My name is Jemimah, and I am a 20-something old girl who love kpop and asian dramas. I vividly remember binging cheese in the trap in 2017 when it was recommended to me. However, it was not until 2019 that I jumped into the rabbit hole and made drama-watching my entire personality. Her private life became my gateway, and here we are, 200+ dramas later.  I am an introvert, which means I love my alone time where I can fill up the quietness by escaping into the world of dramaland. My palate consists of all things romance (sizzling, even better), comedy (when done right), mystery (gotta hit the suspense), and I can´t forget about my love for cozy, calm, slow-paced, and healing dramas as well. On that note, I am so grateful to this community and happy for the bond of sharing our love for all things Asian entertainment.

                                      Fav dramas                These ladies deserve all the love

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A peak into some of my fav girlies in kpop

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