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my bed, probably


my bed, probably

hi there
i'm Gabe and i have a thing for
short haired gals & long haired guys :')

after a 1.5 year of being hung up on HiStory 3 圈套 ,
Gameboys snatched away my whole heart and soul
just to pass them over to I Told Sunset About You :)

after that my heart got quickly transplanted into
A Tale of Thousand Stars and there's no going back

and that was until To My Star entirely swept me
off my feet and Bad Buddy got me confessing my
love on my knees. never getting back up again

But as more and more time passed
To My Star was the only drama I haven't moved on from
and season 2 only made me more obsessed with it

To My Star supremacy

* my expectations are different for every country, so please never compare my ratings between countries XD you'll be surprised by how different they are

and as long as my expectations are generally considered high, i'm also easy to please XD make it make sense

I basically accept friend requests from everyone who has similar taste in dramas ;)
if you rated any of my favorite shows low then I guess we can't be friends :(


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