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Started watching asian dramas as a hobby  in 2014 but I had watched some when I was growing up with my mum~ I watch Korean dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Chinese dramas and a few Japanese ones I also watch movies too. However I only started watching Chinese dramas in late 2017.

Proud Exo-L~(bias is Kris even though he left I remain loyal but ofc I love all other members)

Some of my fave dramas are (in no order):

  • The heirs (My first ever kdrama) 
  • My love from the star (overall favourite)
  • Pinocchio
  • Shining inheritance
  • Splash Splash love
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Cheese in the trap
  • Playful kiss
  • Meteor garden (2001 original version, probably one of my all time fave dramas as a whole!) 
  • Mars (Taiwanese version, again another one of my faves overall) 
  • The last empress
  • My ID is Gangnam beauty
  • The moon embracing the sun

My avoids (however does not mean I will never watch a drama with these themes in but probably I have watched dramas including these genre/themes before  did not like them) :

  • Older women- younger man
  • Dramas which are action and thriller/ police or detective based (I don't like it if the thriller or action overrides the plot) but I'm ok with law themes. Medical themes is ok as long as it doesn't override the plot.
  • Dramas which are not romance.
  • Dramas where the man is a lot older than the female (like the drama  'My lovely girl' or 'Doctors')
  • Cooking themes.
  • Horror genre 
  • Chinese historical (even though my mum watched them constantly they don't look appealing to me)

I give my review on a drama whether I have completed it or dropped it, despite dropping a drama I think reviewing it is as valid as giving a review on a completed drama because reviews reflect your opinion and likes and dislikes.

All dramas I watch are romance, I only watch dramas once they're complete because I prefer to binge watch them. I don't mind watching old dramas (early 2000s)

I'm not someone to rewatch a drama unless it's my fave (only researched 3 dramas ever) I'm a one time thing person do I don't re-read books etc either. If you s're that I have rewatched something then that's a sign of how great it is! The closest I'll get to researching a drama is watching a adaptation of it e.g: I have watched Playful kiss and Itazura na kiss : love in Tokyo which as based off the same manga. 

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