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I fell in love twice- once with some of the best works in English Literature and once with the beauty of Asia- madly and irrevocably. I love gushing about the leads, about the costumes, about the story, about the characters and about the music. I don't have a favourite genre, I watch them all, but I prefer thrillers, slice-of-life and BL stories to pure romance and action.


My reviews are long, often with unpopular opinions.

I have a special dislike for love triangles and I avoid tragedies when I can.


10What? Even my favourite dramas don't get a ten!
9.5Fantastic. Spellbound. Impeccable.
9Wonderful. Outstanding. Extraordinary.
8.5Excellent. Went slightly wonky at places. Faults can be overlooked.
8Very good. Unexplored potential lingering. Plot not utilised to its fullest.
7.5Good story. Improper execution. Can do better.
7Stale storyline. Slept at places. Okay, if I must watch it.
6.5Lacking. They should’ve been more serious. Has some redeeming elements.
6What is happening? Why are they all so dumb? Why did I watch this?
5.5 and belowWHAT. THE. HELL!


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