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Hello, Asian fans! :D (including me! XD) 

How I started watching Asian dramas + others:

I first started watching Asian dramas in October 2009. I was introduced first to a Taiwanese drama Hana Kimi, from my friend's friend. I really (x100 times) feel head over heels with it and from then on, I started to watch practically everything! ^_^ 

At one point I got switched to anime and also started to read manga :D

Then in 2014, I watched a Venezuelan drama and watched my first Thailand drama! XD  I'm currently  watching loads of lakorns! XD 

In 2015, I watched a Philippine drama and in 2016, I started watching some Turkish dramas! xD

Apart from Asian dramas, I also do like watching movies or series from both American or European countries :) I also love watching cartoons and animated movies as well ^_^

I practically watch anything and from any country as along as it is subbed ;) I really want to discover other countries's dramas or movies, so if I have the chance I will watch ^_^ 

And lately, I'm also reading lots of webtoons :D 

About me:

I'm 28 years old and I live in Malta, a small island that is found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Apart from watching Asian dramas, series, movies, anime, manga, etc.  I also love to read books or online books. 

I mostly love to do DIY stuff or create things. My latest obsessions are Diamond Paintings, Painting by numbers and Scratch Paintings. 

Also, I love to swim in the sea and play billiard :D

For my career, I'm a teacher who teaches Design and Technology to middle school students. 

That's all folks! ^_^ Thanks for reading and I'm not the talkative type or do not like chatting that much, but feel free to add me as your friend ^_^


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