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Sachsen, Germany


Sachsen, Germany

First Korean Drama: Shopping King Louie / Favorite Drama: I Hear Your Voice

First Japan Drama: Switch Girl!! / Favorite Drama: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo

First/Favorite Japan Movie: Close Range Love

First China Drama: Love Me If You Dare / Favorite Drama: No Secrets

First/Favorite Hong Kong Drama: Love In Time

First Thailand Drama: Kiss Me / Favorite Drama: TharnType

First Taiwan Drama: Murphy's Law Of Love / Favorite Drama: HIStory2: Right Or Wrong

Favorite Web Drama: When You Love Yourself


also kpop multifandom since winter 2015...

top boy groups:

  1. BTS (Bias: Jungkook; Bias Wrecker: Jimin)
  2. Tomorrow X Together/TXT (Bias: Beomgyu; Bias Wrecker: Hueningkai)
  3. ONEUS (Bias: Xion/Seoho; Bias Wrecker: Leedo)
  4. Ab6ix (Bias: Woong; Bias Wrecker: Daehwi)
  5. EXO (Bias: D.O.; Bias Wrecker: Lay)
  6. The Boyz (Bias: New; Bias Wrecker: Q)
  7. SHINee (Bias: Onew; Bias Wrecker: Taemin)
  8. VIXX (Bias: N; Bias Wrecker: Ken)
  9. M.A.P6 (Bias: Sign; Bias Wrecker: Sun)
  10. LU:KUS (L.A.U) (Bias: Choi; Bias Wrecker: all other members)

top girl groups:

  1. Mamamoo (Bias: Solar; Bias Wrecker: Moonbyul)
  2. (G)I-dle (Bias: Soyeon; Bias Wrecker: Minnie)
  3. GWSN (Bias: Miya; Bias Wrecker: Anne)
  4. Saturday (Bias: Yuki; Bias Wrecker was: Chohee)

top solo artists:

  1. Sunmi
  2. Rothy
  3. Taemin
  4. Holland


Meaning of my name "WoOnGyuHo2NewKookNSoo"...

-WOONG (my bias from AB6IX)
-On (my bias "xiON" from ONEUS)
-Gyu (my bias "beomGYU" from TXT)
-Ho (my bias "seoHO" from ONEUS)
-2New (my biases from SHINee "oNEW" and from The Boyz "NEW")
-Kook (my bias "jungKOOK" from BTS)
-N (my bias from VIXX)
-Soo (my bias from EXO: "kyungSOO" alias D.O.)


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