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Have you ever had the feeling that once you like something you forget how you actually started to like that said thing?

Well, I know roughly how I started to like everything Asian - common don't tell me at least in some way Jackie Chan wasn't the one that introduced you to the wonderful world of Asian cinematography :)

There was this animation series with Jackie as the protagonist with a girl named Jade and a crazy grampa - I really loved that series it was even better when gampa started the enchantments... it was a laugh

The next introduction and I guess the real one to this world was a film that didn't stop streaming in my home country's television - the name of the film? "A New Police Story" starring Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu and a gang that I couldn't help but love.

It was probably 2007 and I was starting to realize how I loved to write and one of my earliest stories was a big mash-up of "Power Ranger: Mystic Force", "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "A New Police Story" with an original character - Let's just agree that it was a really big mess... but back to my earlier point, I was so into the movie and its characters that I even started to dress like the main girl in the gang... - Sue was my idol in my teen years, I especially wanted to have her hair - waw how times have changed ;)

What happens next, you may be wondering...

Well, let's just say that the Kpop virus was starting to affect me...

I remember the first song that I heard and that solidified my love for the Korean music and everything Asian... it was "Tell Me" by the late JYP group Wonder Girls... and the movie that hooked me into this abyss? "100 Pounds of Beauty"!

There were some amazing movies that I loved and marked me into the fan that I am now...

So am I into Asian things? YES

Can I live without Asian dramas? NO

Will I die if I don't see an episode? MAYBE

This is my strange introduction if you're still reading this, waw you're a though soldier ;)

What kind of Drama Fan am I?

  • I love romances - and I'm not ashamed to say that
  • Happy endings are a must for me - don't give me sad endings, the only time I watched a movie with a sad ending was "Koizora" - that movie scared me to death, now I can't see a Tragedy tag that I up a leave as quickly as I can ;) well I guess my tragedy phobia started because of "A New Police Story", yes because I was rooting for the bad guys, go figure...
  • I don't care what people say I always root for the main lead - and no I didn't see "Cheese in the Trap" because it was a stupid ending, or so I've heard
  • I'm very influential with the reviews I read beforehand - yes guys please tell me all you think about the drama
  • I'm a spoilers freak - I can't seem to start a drama without spoiling myself, and that’s okay... really guys I literally go to Google and YouTube and spoil myself before starting a drama
  • If it has action, even better - want to know why I have Chang Wook as my profile photo? - well besides the obvious sexiness of the man - he is the Action King of Kdramas in my opinion, the man is a Ninja in disguise
  • And lastly, I'm the kind of fan that sometimes thinks the bromance is more fun than the actual romance - yes because as much as I love romances, when there are two guys that have amazing chemistry I just love watching their scenes together because there is not the awkward dead fish kiss between them ;)

The first steps into the Asian drama world!

  • A New Police Story - I really wish I was part of the gang, I would definitely not let them lose this time around
  • Wonder Girls - My first Kpop group and honestly I feel nostalgic just thinking about them
  • 100 Pounds of beauty - Honestly I like this movie because the girl could sing...
  • Baby and Me - This one was a laugh, I really liked how they put such deep voice into the baby
  • Kizora - No, I refuse to speak about this one, I will just start crying if I open my mouth
  • Boys Over Flowers - I guess this one was my first drama, and although it’s kind of dumb I really loved Lee Min Ho's hair... yes that was my thought through the whole drama, his hair was my only focus
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love - This is a typical school drama, and my first one

These are the criminals responsible for giving me the Asian virus!

  • Jackie Chan - I don't even know what to say about him... let's just agree that the man is a genius, end of the story
  • Lee Min Ho - People have this love-hate relationship with him, and I get it, but to me, he's the owner of THE HAIR, so I can't just ignore him
  • Aaron Yan - This man is the reason I love business dramas... and I still love how he played two different characters in the same show who were actually the same person! I'm telling you, I'm crazy because these dramas make me that way (let's just forget that sad excuse of a bridge in the late episodes where there was too much drama and everyone was being an idiot)
  • Lee Jung Suk - Well, what can anyone say about this one... he's crazy, he's fun and those lips are very eye catching... sorry if this offends anyone, but big lips are very sexy in my opinion. Oh and I almost forgot W was like my favourite show because of the webtoon part, I just couldn't help but fall in love with Kang Chul... I mean the story is basically what every fangirl wants, to make their dream became a reality... and if the dream is anything like Lee Jung Suk I promise I'll never complain
  • Yang Yang - Xaio Nai was the perfect boyfriend, and this actor was everything that character needed...

And here is the most criminal amongst all the other criminals

  • Ji Chang Wook - The King of Action Movies, yes this is how I refer to him, or not... I mostly refer to him as sexy! Chang Wook hocked me in K2, I loved every scene with him, but I confess that the lead actress was not that great (but I assure you, I never shipped his character with the mean noona, she was just mean)... then I watched Healer and I was in heaven... seriously how did the writers came up with the plot? I want to know because I want to go there too... Anyway, Chang Wook is my Healer and my virus ;)

And there you have it... an introduction - well more like a testament - about me... hope we can be friends and that you can spoil me until I'm enough interested to start watching the drama you recommend...

Love Mia xx



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