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Ch,T, HK Dramas I’ve watched ( Including dropped once)

Chinese dramas and my opinion on them, you are welcome to recommend me some!If I dropped the one or another I’m going to explain this ( or…

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Thai dramas I’ve watched ( including dropped once)

Its mostly my opinion and view on the dramas, as well as a small review for each one.Recommendations are always welcomed!

37 titles
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Korean Dramas I watched ( even if I dropped a few)

I watched more than I don’t even know how many, but I think too much dramas, and this shall just be a reminder to watch some other. If anyone…

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Movies I’ve watched

Small review to each and every movie!Recommend me some, if you know good once!.

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Japanese Dramas I’ve watched ( including Dropped once)

Just a small kind of review list to Japanese dramas I’ve watched.Please if you know good ones recommend here!( The dropped once are with an…

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My bbys (cause why not?)

My children, whom I fell in love at first sight!!!

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