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A bit about me (if you wanna know)....

I am a simple mid- teen and....I mainly only watch Cdramas but won't mind any other recommendations. Support my favs won't hate on others. Besides that I also am a Kpop lover. My main two favs are Blackpink ( Blink) and Stray Kids (Stay), but I also a stan a few other groups :)

How I Rate Dramas :            

10: Amazing, re-watch is a must,Unforgettable       

9: A few downs but very good. Great, worth it                                                 

8: Could have been better but was alright. 

7:Either confusing or boring, forced myself to watch 

6:Idk got lost , not for me (Rare for me to go under this) 

5 & under:Must have been horrible in my opinion

How I become a fan of a Kpop Group: (or any artists or group)

  • If I like at least 4 or more of their songs , the beat and melody, and become addicted, I become a fan quickly:D


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