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The alternate universe in which Ji Chang Wook is my husband.


The alternate universe in which Ji Chang Wook is my husband.

Hello! I'm Lucy.  I got into dramas when my sister made me watch Meteor Garden 2018 with her, and I've been an addict ever since! 

I probably won't accept friend requests if we don't have any similar likes or dislikes. I always go through people's profiles before accepting or sending. If we're likely to disagree in the comment section I probably won't be accepting your request (unless there's 1 drama that we totally bond over, then I might be willing to agree to disagree on everything else). 

My Favorite Genres

* Fantasy

I don't really have any disliked genres, I love some from them all. 

My Favorite Tags

*Male Chases Female First or vice versa
*Possessive Male lead
*Fast Paced Romance (if it is executed well)
*Age Gap
*Marriage of Convenience 
*Forced Marriage
*Arranged Marriage
*Contract Marriage
*Overbearing CEO
*Fated Love
*Interspecies Romance
*Love At First Sight
*Bickering Couple
*Gender Bender
*Friends To Lovers
*Obsessive Male Lead 

My least Favorite Tags


*Love Triangle (though I'll never be swayed away because of one). 

My Rating System

I usually rate solely on my own opinions and how a drama made me feel. 

10 = I loved it!Good acting, good story, kept me glued to the screen.  All the right feels for me. 9.5 = I really, really liked it! There was something missing that kept me from giving full stars. A turn of events I didn't particularly like or a small disappointment.
9= It was great!Could lack somewhat in emotional effect. But it in general a very good drama. 8-8.5= Something about the story rubbed me the wrong way but the acting and emotion was there. 7-7.5 = I didn't hate it but definitely not my favorite. Where most of the weird ones go.

6.5 and lower= Definitely didn't cut it for me. 


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