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inside Shen Li's weapon collection


inside Shen Li's weapon collection



A mushroom, a proud overthinker, nature's favorite muse (been lucky for no reason),  a foodie, believes in karma and Bai Lu is the only woman I'll watch all bad scripts for. 

Watching dramas make me realize a whole lot of shit and hence I watch them.

Love some angsty drama any day (but make it reasonable). Blood spitting historicals with bitchy SFL or a sad ending drama where your favorite character dies or an illogical romcom with only 100% visuals (either make it cute+light or hot+toxic) , shows like this often become my favorite.

Pfp and above picture has Bai Lu (since many people asked). Plz I adore her so stay away bitch if you wanna talk shit on her. 

Okay enough of stalking me now. Bye! 


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