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After never viewing any Asian drama, in the summer of 2023 "Snowdrop" caught my attention.  What a culture shock! (being an European woman) But it also intrigued me. So I watched some more, starting with "Descendants of the sun". Ever since than I lost my interest in everything else and have only been watching mainly Korean and sometimes Chinese drama. I prefer the first though. It's even effecting my sleep sometimes. Which I regret when going to work early in the morning. 

Nothing much to say about myself I think. My work is at a middle size company as a network administrator. For most of my life I preferred hardrock/metal. From Metalica to Rammstein. From Evanescence to Finnish band Tarot. But my love for al Asian made me listen to Korean music too. From FTIsland to Straykids. Also some Ateez and some hiphop. Can´t always read the names. 

I'm a granny too. But truely a youthfull one though.


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