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Never land


Never land

Hi~ I'm just an average drama fan.
My first Japanese Drama - Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
My first Korean Drama - Full House
First and only Taiwanese Drama - Skip Beat

Genres i love - Mystery/detective, fantasy (if it's good, which is hard to find), dramas with meaningful and deep messages,  "different" dramas, Romcom (if they are nice and not too cliche), historical/sageuk (because i love learning about history but still there are many kinda boring ones for me, so it needs to be really cool). I may like other genres if they go into a "meaningful message" or "different" categories, but usually they don't, so i won't mention those haha :)

I started with Japanese anime and manga. (My ultimate fave is One Piece) Japanese dramas I started to watch, when I started to learn Japanese. That must be around 2012.  And I fell in love with Kame-chan <3 (Kamenashi Kazuya). Therefore became a big fan of Kat-tun and still love them. I wrote Kame-chan a letter to his radio, and he actually read it and gave me an advice!!! I was crying so much on that day! XDDDD However right now Korean music and dramas take a little bigger space in my heart. (I'm sorry Kame-chan, I still love you!)

For a long time I didn't want to watch Korean dramas. But my good friend from Philippines always recommended me them. Then one day when I had time and no Japanese drama to watch,  I asked my friend and she told me to watch Full House - the drama she liked very much.  So this was my start. I watched it and understood, that  the "Aja aja Figthing" my friend taught me was from there. XDD After that I went on to classics like Boys over flowers, you are beautiful, etc... All of that still didn't make me into a big fan. Then I watched Mary stayed out all night, which completely made me into kdrama fan, and started Jang geun seok era. But then I stumbled upon  so many gems, so in the end Jang geun seok, had to give up his place in my heart to many many others XDDD haha. Now, I like so many actors I can't write about all of them.
However, as an Actor, my favorites are Jang Hyuk and Choi Min Soo.  These two charismatic actors are great at their job. There are lots of actors who are great and have even greater visuals. But for me these two have outstanding acting skills. I saw Jang Hyuk in Chuno (Slave Hunters) first. And started to respect him as an actor at the scene where he was crying with rice in his mouth, because he thought his friends died. I loved him so much that I marathoned almost all of his works.
Thanks to Jang Hyuk I watched Running Man! This, too, opened a different era, because I totally liked SPARTAAA and marathoned Running Man, Family Outing, Infinity Challenge (<3).  Which made me into Yoo Jae Seok fan. After this I started to watch a lot of variety and talk shows too. Also survival audition shows like K-pop star and Show me the money.  I also started to learn Korean.

I also like K-pop. I started to like their music through OSTs but now I like many of them. However I still don't consider myself as a part of any fandom. Hope one day I will. I totally love AKMU though

In Six Flying Dragons I heard Muuiya-rock version sang by Ha Hyun Woo. After that I learned that at the time he was on King of Masked singer breaking the records. Yes.... All of the songs he sang on King of Masked Singer are just masterpieces!! I am big fan of his voice!


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