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Two Cops
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Feb 18, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
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Overall 5.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 3.5
l love Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri and looked forward to seeing them acting together. I was hoping this will be one of the best dramas of the year, but it was utterly disappointing. I will do not comment on Hyeri's acting or a casting choice and the romance between two leads, a lot has been said about it already. For me, the biggest downside was the plot, which was completely illogical (partially might be due to the poor translation) and unbelievable. Without going in too much details - this show led me to believe that you can do whatever in Korea, Police officers are really stupid. You can basically kill someone and you cannot be arrested due to the circumstantial evidence, there are no such things like proper CSI work. If there is evidence like video recording or DNA it will disappear and the Police will not think to investigate further or at least protect it next time.  Killings will be classed as suicides, bosses are corrupted and basically psychopaths going into great lengths to cover something. People cannot remember where they were or what they have done and are  not having basic information about the case which they are working on.  The important evidence is being forgotten for about half of the series, experienced detective Jo Jung Suk does not have basic details like height or weight of the suspect and does not share essential information about the main culprit with Song Ji An because it might "hurt her", which puts her at risk as she continues to meet him. Do not let me even start about the prosecutor office - especially the way how the cases are handled and buried. The prosecutor would have lost his job immediately for withholding information instead of being promoted.
Good bits! I really liked Kong Soo Chang character and the bromance with Cha Dong Tak, I was wondering if they are going to kiss in the end :) which would be much more interesting than a relationship with Song Ji An. I hope to see Kim Sun Ho in other roles. I also liked Cha Dong Tak character, however not sure if someone like that could have existed in the real world.
Overall, this is not really a rom - com if people are looking for it, it is more of a crime comedy, but with the plot much simpler than in the "Voice" and "Black" although there are some similarities. I would not recommend it if you are not a fan of Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri and if you like logical and believable plot.

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