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Hey guys, welcome to my profile!

My name's Marine, I'm 19 and I'm French (I live in Paris, but I wasn't born here). I'm currently a university student in the French Institute for Oriental Languages and Cultures and my majors are Japanese culture and language & International Relations.

My principal interests in life are: learning languages, art, literature, cinema, watching TV shows/series, East / South East Asian culture and geek culture (I'm not really an "outside person", but I love big cities and beautiful landscapes), and concerning dramas, I don't watch as much of them as I used to, but I really enjoy every genre (except horror - I'm too easily scared).

I haven't seen a lot of historical dramas so if you want to advice me some of them, I would be thankful. Same goes to Thai films and Chinese and Filipino dramas.

Lastly, if you want to step outside of East Asia for once and try French films or TV Shows, go ahead and ask me ;) 


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