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How I rate:  I score relative to the average show, not necessarily how I feel about it.  It's predominantly based on story (plot+impact), with acting secondary, and other factors icing on the cake.  Then for shows above 7, I add +0.5 for MDL inflation, because otherwise I end up tanking the ratings of my fav shows.

Relative to the average show
Artistic qualities and personal reaction
>9.5Candidate for greatest ever, any countrymasterpiece, profound impact, revelatory
9-9.5All time classics, best of genre, best of yearsmall flaws, still possesses you mentally
(8)<9Exceptional shows, best of year candidategripping, if only... X, many personal favs
(7)<8far above average, quite enjoyableenjoyable but not too deep or exceptional
(6)<7Above average, 2X and multitasksome bright spots; dropped or regretted
(5)<6The average abominationmore I watch = more disgusted I get
<5Below average, uniquely detestableso abominable it's memorable


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