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Tehran _ Iran


Tehran _ Iran
A Hard Day
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by Myd

Feb 10, 2015
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Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
YOU CAN'T MOVE FROM THE SCREEN ! Seriously , the first thing I would tell someone about this movie is : you'll get a HEARTATTACK ! I'm a fan of action and thriller movies and I've seen many of them both from Korea and USA but this one was surely one of the best action movies I've ever seen ! I wanna congrat the screenwriter first for having such a creative mind to put all these big events in order and only in 24 hours ! Also a special THANK to the great actor who SHINED even more in this movie : LEE SUN GYUN ! He amazingly played a careful detective who UNLUCKLY gets involved with the most challenging crime ever ! And does the things he could never imagine in his NIGHTMARES ! A HARDY DAY , as the name says , is maybe simply about a really hard day with really surprising events ... or It's maybe all about a WRONG TIMING or maybe even farther ... About the serious social problems of TODAY'S society ! But whatever It is ... It has something to talk about ! Something as important as one's life in A HARD DAY! Make sure to watch it ! Uhh ! And I wanna thank Jo Jin Wook for showing his great acting skills as he always does !
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