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Tehran _ Iran
The Man From Nowhere
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by Myd

May 7, 2015
Completed 1
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
(The Man From Nowhere) is one of the best movies evermade not only in genre of Action , but also in all genres ! The thing is , we're not talking about the typical cliche fights between the good and bad guys and also we're not talking about amusing people who're crazy for watching computer-made action scenes ! We're talking about a professional Action-Melodrama with a powerful storyline , vocational directing and finally the breath-taking acting of the first role played by (Won Bin)! In this movie , you see him as a cold , impassive , mysterious man who has lost his wife and child through a tragedy and his complicated , not explainable relation with a lonely , outcast girl (Soo-Mi) who lives an extremely hard life with her addicted mother ! At first you see him try hard to ignore this naughty girl but it seems that the more he tries , the more he feels that something makes him comeback to her ! But seriously what is the RELATION of a gang-like man and a poor phatic girl ?! What words can explain their feelings for eachother ?! They both had no idea until the day (Soo-Mi) was robbed by a fix seller band and soon , (Won-Bin) sees himself trying like crazy to save them to stop another tragedy happen ! But things get harder when the police tries to find out about his REAL IDENTITY ! (Won-Bin) notices that this band has a more bloodcurding and dreadful job than selling fix ! The lighting of the movie apparently tells us that It's a DARK MOVIE , but this darkness is greatly balanced by adding some warm , heart-aching scenes . The speed of movie rytem is not too fast nor too slow , It's exactly good enough to stick you hardly on your chair ! Every character seems unique and different from others and the actors are all drawn in their roles. The story is original and fresh and the main massage of author seems to be the reborn of jutsice , amour and sacrifice along with discribing the dreadful , dark world of today's criminals ! I have no idea that how many times re-watching this movie would be enough !!!
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