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Tehran _ Iran


Tehran _ Iran
All About My Wife
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by Myd

Jun 14, 2015
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Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Now , THIS IS a real romance-comedy which I've been waiting for so long ! (All about my wife) is NOT a usual romance-comedy full of sexual scenes which makes you laugh for 2 hours and then after a week you won't remember anything of it ! This movie has something to say ! Something precious ... something necessary for both our love and social life ! In this movie we see a woman who seems to be rejected by the society she's living in as well as her own husband ! At first you must feel the same too ! Like: Hey what's wrong with her?! Can she stop nagging ?! she's driving me crazy ! ... But the more you know about her , the more you think that : What if she is right ?! What if the things she's nagging about NEED TO CHANGE ! Just because the people got used to these negative points and no one bothers to protest about them it doesn't mean they must not be solved ! As you see this movie is more than it seems ! more than seduction , passion or even love life ! What makes this movie extremely special is mostly the unique and different characters that CAN NOT BE FOUND in any other movie ! Specially the first female role ! The three main roles actings were awesome ! they made their characters completely believable and you could even show sympathy for three of them ! So let me say a big : WELL DONE ! both to the director and the screenwriter for creating the best comedy-romance of my life ! The french music used in this movie had a great harmony with the story and I loved it ! At last this movie was a masterpiece in It's genre and I'm sure I'll rewatch it again and again ! Oh ... And I think the main lesson of this movie was : ... You only know your lover , when you let her go ! ;) Bye ^^
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