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Tehran _ Iran
Present Perfect
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by Myd

Jun 17, 2015
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Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
They say the first impression is too important ! Well this is what happened to me while watching this movie ! "Present Perfect" was my first ever Thai movie , and to be honest I was extremely doubtful about watching it . I think the poster attracted me , but when I read the summary I was like : This is a very simple story ! I mean I can mention over 10 movies with the same plot ... But they say , in today's Cinema industry It's not the adventures of movie that matters the most ! It's the way YOU MAKE IT ! And this movie did it the BEST WAY EVER ! This very simple story is about an alone (a little) pensive young girl , Pam , who tries hard to comfort her spiritual wounds by entertaining herself with parties , people , drinks , loud music etc ! One day UK enters her life ! a naughty cute kid who amazingly changes Pam's empty , dark world and I won't brag if I say UK actually brings her to LIFE ! The complictaed , irrelevant relationship of Pam & Uk greatly grows when Pam accepts that she can do nothing but entering her pure , childish world and becoming a brand new person ! I loved the way they showed a child's true feeling towards what most people do ! The things we might enjoy so much but to them , they're boring , ridiculous and completely useless (the same feeling of most adults about the children's acts , you know ! ) !!! Acting was so good but let me confess that nobody's acting was as GREAT as that little star , UK ! She made me like : WOW !!! she's a hidden super star ! MUSIC WAS GREAT ! I had no idea of Thai music but it was a roller-coster of emotions for me ! I will surly recommend this amazing family movie to everyone and ... though it was my fist Thai movie , I'm pretty sure that It won't be my last ^^
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