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Tehran _ Iran


Tehran _ Iran
You're Beautiful
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by Myd

Jul 18, 2015
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Overall 7.5
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
A well-made sweet comedy-romantic full of silly moments which makes you laugh a lot BUT doesn't really have something new to say neither as a romantic-comedy nor a musical drama ! Good and different characters structure but you can't see so much development in their personality features as the story goes on and on ! Anyways , You'll enjoy this drama ! Be sure of that ! STORY (6/10) : The whole idea is fun , lovely and different but NOT LOGICAL at many points ! A girlish girl enters a band of 3 boys as a BOY ! I know for asians it's mostly easy to change their facial gender but what about her VOICE ???! I mean it must be pretty easy for singers and musicians to tell the difference between male's and female's voice (It's pretty easy for everyone though!) and It wasn't at all like that PSH has a boyish or rough voice or even boyish behaviour as a girl who used to be a NUN! Don't get me wrong I don't say I'm totally against this story ! Disney's MULAN is my most favorite classic animation , you know :D AND ALSO Mrs. Hong , the screenwriter is someone I admire so much ! ACTING (8/10) : GREAT ! I loved the actings so much ! I think all the main roles did their best with their characters ! They could easily touch your heart and play with your feelings and make you cry and laugh with them ! STILL , I wish I could see more of their characters development ! MUSIC (8/10) : Unlike many others (You're Beautiful) is NOT my first K-drama but It's my first Korean Musical drama ! What do we want from a musical drama at the first point ?! right ! MUSIC ! this drama had pretty good soundtracks but not enough live musics playing ! At first you can see some , but as the story gets more and more involved with the love triangle (or maybe love square, lol !) between the main roles ... it seems they're forgetting thier passion for music , as mucisians ! BUT let me confess something ! Both PSH and JGS were great as actors who are trying to sing ! I loved thier singing I wish I could see more of that in the drama ! REWATCH VALUE (7/10) : Most of the things happen in this drama are very predictable ! But what I didn't like at all about it might be the ending which is a copy conference of what happened in the movie (Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do) ! I was really shocked of seeing the exact same scene , seriously ! Despite many things This drama is very enjoyable and funny to watch ! cool and friendly athmosphere ! Sweet teenage-like romance story involved with some good music and funny moments ! Final word : reviewing is mostly about comparing ! So nothing is 100% in this world as well as this review ,It's only written comparing with other dramas/movies and it's rated toward my other ratings for other worse or better dramas/movies ! Thanks for reading my words ! Bye ^_^
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