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Tehran _ Iran
Happy Flight
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by Myd

Jul 20, 2015
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.5
I'm not really into Flight movies ! Specially the hollywood-made ones ! I think they're all the same ! I mean in nearly 90% of these movies , all you see is a tragic crash of a giant plane with hundreds of passengers including some innocent kids , old grannies and other usual people who entirely die in most cases ! They're FULL of visual effects and most parts of the movie is spent on showing the way the airplane elapses ! But in "Happy Flight" , you see a brand new vista of people who work in an aviation "Happy Flight" is a realistic , emotional and artistic flight movie which is more about the PEOPLE than the FLIGHT itself ! It's about very ordinary people who work an ordinary aviation in Japan ! And in a very ordinary day , despite the differences they have either in their positions or personalities , they gather together and become AS ONE to do their most important responsibility in the best way ever , which is : PROTECTING THE PASSENGERS ! The most impressive thing about the characters in this movie , is that all of them feel responsible for the tragedy which is about to happen ! It doesn't matter if they're a pilot , a flight attendant , a simple worker at the airport or ... They all feel that they can make a difference in the job they're doing if they want to ! The way they help each other and the way they care about every detail related to the passengers was quite unique , and I hadn't seen anything like that in the movies with the same plot ! I don't know much about the actors but I think they were totally great with their interesting and different yet relatable roles ! The way the main pilot tries to calm down his young and rookie assistant by keeping cool in any condition shows a very important ability of a professional pilot that hasn't been mentioned much through movies ! Dialogs were written beautifully and wisly yet do realistic and easy to relate to ! => The movie loses it's suspension sometimes and I wish I could see more of aviative professors contact with the passengers specially in the airplane BUT none of these changes the fact that this movie is brilliant at it's genre and plot ! Final word : reviewing is mostly about comparing ! So nothing is 100% in this world as well as this review ,It's only written comparing with other dramas/movies and it's rated toward my other ratings for other worse or better dramas/movies ! Thanks for reading my words ! Bye ^_^
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