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Tehran _ Iran
My Beautiful Bride
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by Myd

Aug 23, 2015
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 3
Overall 8.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
OCN has the honor of broadcasting amazingly professional yet different and unique action dramas like (Bad Guys) , (God's Quiz) , (Detective Cheo Yong) , (Missing Noir M) and many others. As a OCN serious project , (My Beautiful Bride) is surely one of the good ones but ... could be much better ! STORYLINE : 7.5 /10 A man who's totally in love with his fiance , suddenly loses her and through finding her , strange and interesting facts about him and his lover are revealed to the audiences. The fact that he knows everything about her past but keeps acting like he doesn't have a clue , was meaningful and a brand new one to me ! BUT unfortunately the storyline losts the balance it had between action and romance as the story goes on and on ! The main idea was good but you can see it's not processed goodly specially as love story ! It feels like the writer just wants to sum up the couple's past and their complicated love-life at the few first Episodes , cause he/she insists on getting to the Action and Crime parts ASAP ! But the surprising and shocking fact is that the screenwriter of this drama (Yoo Sung Yeol) is the creator of the greatest action K-drama ever seen => CRUEL CITY ! I'm not saying that this drama IS NOT a sucess but who can compare it with (Cruel City) , U know !!! ACTING : 8/10 (Kim Moo Yul) : After watching his unbeatable , incomparable and unique way of acting I was like : Where Have You Been ?! Lol ! It's such a pity that it was my first time enjoying his acting skills ! He truely shined ! and I wish he'll appear in more action dramas ! (Lee Si Young) : I mean what's with that character ?! You know sometimes you wanna punch a good actor/actress in face for choosing a pitiful role to play and maybe you punch the writer instead , for creating that kind of character ! Anyways ! Let's stop punching ! XD I really don't have any doubt about her acting ! I've seen enough of her skills in (Divine Move) and (Killer Toon) action movies ! But hey that character was really a disaster ! (Ko Sung Hee) : thinking carefuly about her acting I don't think she was that bad but she wasn't good enough too ! I think she needs to learn more about natural kind of acting where you can find true emotions through someone's glance or even way of talking ! she couldn't goodly response to the feelings the first male lead sent to her ! (you know what I mean ) comparing to what we saw of her in SPY drama she has improved a lot but has got a long long way to go ! Other actings were also admirable ! thumbs up for them all ! MUSIC : 8/10 WOW ! I loved the unexampled soundtracks !!! And I loved that they were in English ! XD I didn't need to check the meaning anyway ! They really matched with the project. REWATCH VALUE : 7/10 For director (Kim Cheol Kyu) , this is his first ever action drama (if I'm not mistaken) and as the first one ... let's give him a round of pleasure ! I liked the ending ! it wasn't very special but it was totally suitable . As I mentioned the storyline isn't processed enough for the whole 16 episodes and it could be even more challenging and thrilling , for the audiences not to feel bored little by little ! Those action things were great and as good as they should be ! I really don't have any negative points to mention about fightings... e.t.c ! I don't have any plans for rewatching this now but maybe I'll give it a try later ! The drama style is my cup of tea , after all ! Thanks for reading my words ! Enjoy your action drama ;) XD
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