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Dec 6, 2018
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Overall 7.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
i honestly wasn't satisfied with the movie! the acting was totally great, Hyun Bin was amazing and his action scenes were done so well and Jang Dong Gun totally nailed that villain role! the zombies' visuals were on point too. However, the story had some flaws! the development was kinda of slow and not that exciting!! it lacked the thrill and suspense that 'Train to Busan' had! i know i shouldn't be comparing them but i can't help it! and i was disappointed in the ending, it could have had a much clearer one but it was so predictable and unoriginal! it just left me unsatisfied :( also how did hyun bin and jang dong gun's characters lasted that long!! i'm not trying to to tell you not to watch the movie but don't have high expectations for it! but i still recommend it for the good acting and zombie visuals hehe

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