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Hi everyone ! I'm a crazy little french girl. I love eating, reading... and dramating  (?)

I started watching dramas in 2010 with Hananazaki no Kimitatchi e, but my addiction started when I watched Hana Yori Dango, my second drama and my favourite one since. ♡ I mainly watch korean dramas (my first one was Boys Over Flowers -how suprising is it !-) but I'd like Japanese, and Taiwanese ones to.  I want to watch more Chinese dramas since I saw Meteor Shower (My second favourite one hihi) because they're really good ! But It's hard to watch them because there aren't a lot which are translated in french... A short time ago, I started watching Thai dramas with Full House then Hormones. I watch movies too (Japanese, Korean and Thai) 

I mostly watch romantic dramas (or Comedies Romantic ones) and dramas with a lot of Suspense, Investigation... I prefer dramas with mature actors (mature history) than dramas for the youth.  

FAVORITE J-DRAMAS ▬ Hana Yori Dango. Liar Game. 
FAVORITE K-DRAMAS ▬ Empress Ki. Secret Garden. Secret Love. My Girl. White Christmas.
FAVORITE LAKORN ▬ Full House Thai, 


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