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Step by Step
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by iiiiii
Aug 4, 2023
12 of 12 episodes seen
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Overall 4.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 1.0

I have a good time for 8 ep then it crash and burn to the point that It's super painful to watch.

Step by Step is an BL rom-com and office drama that starts out strong but crashes and burns toward the end.
And it's such a waste of so many good elements.

1. Good plot. Character development for the first eight episodes is nice. We'll see Pat grow as a teamworker and leader. Then we will see Jeng learn to navigate his social skills.
2. office drama that is kind of realistic but still enjoyable. It's not perfect, but we are watching BL series, so I'm not complaining.
3. Chemistry for leading casts The acting is pretty good. especially when you let them have that longing or unexplainable eye for each other. I get more emotions from those scenes.
4. the steamy scenes are great
5. Great sets of cast. The office casts are great; they are such a joy.

1. Man and Ben suck at crying scenes. I understand if they want Man and Ben as the leading cast. They are great most of the time. I really like them too. I don't expect them to be perfect.
But they suck that it's painful to watch. They both look like they were forced to cry. if the director and writers can just sit down and accept that they could've rewritten the emotional scenes. because, like I said, both leads do have potential.
2. Ep 9-12 are when ALL the good things above turn bad.
-Rom/com turn full on office drama that is full of bad and stupid decisions, and Pat turned full on drama queen. At this point of the series, we need to be invested and like the main characters, NOT annoyed by them.
-And they try too hard to push the narrative that Pat is so smart and capable, but fail to do so.
I don't even know if those steamy love scenes can save the rating. because it's not interesting to me at all.
3. 2 years but Pat is still so childish . soooo annoying. why?

Conclusion: The office drama that starts out okay but struggles to carry through.
The mean lead, Pat, fails to look capable. so many stupid decisions.
The chemistry they have is wasted because of bad acting.

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