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by PeggySue

Jun 8, 2019
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
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Quick review.
I wanted to love this show, but it fell short for me. The characters ended up one note and boring by the halfway point of the show and I actually didn't care by the final episode that the ending sucked.
I was more interested in Hong Joo's transformation and story and even though I believe she grew the most as a character and became the stronger as a result of all that happened, I couldn't help but feel she got the short end of the stick with that ending.
I mean, really? I felt like everyone else walked off into the sunset holding hands and she just ended up let down and alone again. Ick. I almost wish for a Part Two JUST about her so we can see her with a HEA at the end of all her trials. But that's probably just me being petty. ;-)
I also want to make note of one thing since I saw people blaming the main female lead for being the one who actually broke their marriage because "he didn't actually betray her until after they divorced." UMMM NO.
Nothing happened in Hong Kong. Fine. BUT The point isn't that he wasn't required to sleep with her for that money.
The REAL POINT is that he stayed behind ASSUMING he was going to sleep with her for the money. He let his wife leave THINKING he was going to have to betray her for that money. He was SURPRISED he didn't have to. So... he was FULLY prepared to betray his wife for that money and THAT, MY FRIENDS, is what broke their marriage. Just because (oh sigh of relief) he didn't have to is a side-note and besides the point.
ALSO... him staying longer ($3?) to have "fun" with her before returning to his wife is in and of itself the worst kind of betrayal. His wife was 100% right in assessing the situation. Him seeing her after HongKong and then going to work with her just to test his manly resolve? Stupid, Childish, and the final straw. *shrugs*
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