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Early 20's
I watch BL, Anime and limited number of K-drama 

In case of kdrama, I'm reluctant to watch, if it only has rom-coms elements and the plot is constrained for whole16 hrs or more, as I'm already exhausted enough and prefer to put my time on something else that ease of my mind. But, I enjoy watching revenge, action, suspense and thrilller with same duration.
My ratings are solely based on the portrayal, story telling technique and the quality, I have no restriction on the story as long as it makes sense and doesn't feel draggy or forced.
In view of my bad memory, this account serves as a bl tracker of mine, to update my current, completed, plan to watch list.
I never get tired of watching The Untamed. I would consume the content in any form available, be it Mo Dao Zu Shi (Donghua and manhua) or The grandmaster master of demonic cultivation (novel)


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