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"If you like me, raise your hand. If you don't like me, raise your standards." - Unknown 

A note about sending friend requests:
I find most people on MDL annoying. Do NOT friend request me. I'll friend request you.  If you send me a friend request, I'll reject it. No offense & apologies in advance. Now with that out of the way ...

Been watching dramas since late 2012. I look at hyped up dramas on MDL with a great deal of suspicion. While I have my favourite actors, I'll watch any drama in any genre from any country with any actor as long as the story/plot engages my interest. I have a slight preference for movies over dramas because as a busy professional, I don't always have 16+ hrs to invest. Moreover, it's easier to find movies that suit my tastes than dramas. That said, dramas will always be a part of my entertainment arsenal. I don't do k-pop. I know a lot of grown folks are into k-pop, but to me it's a genre of music that's more suited for kids & young adults (18 -24) so I was never able to get into it (I'm 37). Besides I'm not into the make-up, eyeliner wearing, flower boy type. I like my men well - seasoned so ahjussis like Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Jung Woo Sung etc are some of my favourites. 

My drama taste:
I look for dramas that break the cultural frame. Some cultural aspects will never change & I'm fine with that, however, I need to see newness, a universal approach to how the characters behave, think, feel. Mature, introspective, emotionally intelligent, resilient leading characters who act rationally & thoughtfully are my favourites.

I love romance. I'm a romantic at heart so while it's not mandatory for my enjoyment, I'm one of those viewers who don't mind romance in everything that I watch. I can never find the type of romance I like in Asian dramas, though. I hate the standard G-rated, cheesy, sugary, diabetes inducing, juvenile, fake kissing type romance that dramas are known for.

In romantic dramas, I need adults, of or around the same age (late 20s - early 40s). No noona romances, but Oppa romances are okay. However, regardless of gender, I'm not into May - December relationships, so the age gap shouldn't be too wide.  I absolutely detest love triangles. I will drop a drama or not start it if I get the impression there's an irritating, persistent, neverending love triangle. 

I believe love, romance & physical intimacy go hand in hand. If all I'm seeing is orchestrated, fakeass kissing & or no physical intimacy (hugs, cuddles, love making), I'm throwing the whole damn drama away. I refuse to watch a drama if the kisses are awkward and or the physical intimacy is non-existent. I know I might be missing out on some quality dramas.
Your Unnie doesn't give a shit.

I watch dramas for relaxation & escape. Realism is welcome, but the dramas should leave me with positive emotions and or a sense of upliftment. I'm not the person who exorcises her negative emotions by watching more negativity & bawling it out. Therefore, happy endings over tragic ones.

The characters:
I enjoy all kinds of male leads, but the tortured heroes with a bit of edginess & irreverence to them are perhaps my favourite. I love masculine, badass, but protective & tender MLs. At his core, he should have a good moral compass, even if he makes poor decisions from time to time. I don't mind if he's rude & callous to start off with as long as he learns his lesson along the way & become a better person.


I love complex, feminine, sensible, sweet, intelligent, loyal & supportive female leads with quiet strength. Female leads who are too emotional, shrewish, given to histrionics, whining constantly about men, how unfair being a woman is & having a perpetual victim mentality are NOT my cup of chai (Everybody has to deal with shit in life). What I'm interested in is HOW she faces her obstacles & overcome. So-called "strong" female leads with only one dimension to their character are not attractive to me. Let them cry, be silly, naive, boy crazy, petty, jealous, cold, standoffish, whatever ... just make them interesting & complex.

Speaking of female leads, I'm not a feminist. So some female focused dramas will not appeal to me because I just can't deal with all the whining & 'woe is me' victim mentality sh*t. Do I believe in equality between the sexes, yes. However, that's not what postmodern feminism is all about. Not to me, anyway.
Do not try to convince me otherwise. You will fail. :)

My ratings:
I rate based on a combination of factors, not only enjoyment.
I may have enjoyed a drama, but if it's riddled with cliches & nonsensical characters, it's getting a low score. I also pay attention to other creative & technical qualities - in dramas that would mostly be the writing & acting. I don't focus on direction/cinematography so much unless they truly stand out since all drama direction (camera & photo) look more or less the same to me. In movies, I look for distinctive artistic qualities & a strong directorial voice, in addition to how emotionally invested I am in the narrative.
My average score for dramas is 6. For movies, it's 7.
A rating above 6 & 7 respectively, usually indicates something about the drama/movie stood out.
10: High artistic merit meets emotional resonance (Masterpiece) / Spectacular dopamine boost
9: Memorable, 8: Enjoyable/Enjoyable enough (8-), 7: Good/Decent (7-), 6: Watchable/OK
5: Problematic/Disappointing, 4: Waste of Time/Dislike, 3: Poor, 2: Piss Poor
1: Irredeemable Mess/Catastrophic Disaster

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