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"If you like me, raise your hand. If you don't like me, raise your standards." - Unknown 

A note about sending friend requests:
Don't friend request me. I'll friend request you. If you want to talk to me, engage me on the feeds, forums, comment sections or my inbox. If you send me a friend request, I'll reject it. No offense.
Now with that out of the way ...

Been watching dramas since late 2012. While I have my favourite actors, I'll watch any drama in any genre from any country with any actor as long as the story/plot engages my interest. I have a slight preference for movies over dramas because as a busy professional, I don't always have 16+ hrs to invest. Moreover, it's easier to find movies that suit my tastes than dramas. That said, dramas will always be a part of my entertainment arsenal. I don't do k-pop. I know a lot of grown folks are into k-pop, but to me it's a genre of music that's more suited for kids & young adults (18 -24) so I was never able to get into it (I'm 36). Besides I'm not into the make-up, eyeliner wearing, flower boy type. I like my men well - seasoned. 
My personality:
I'm an extrovert with introverted tendencies. I'm chatty, sociable & love being around people, however,  I abhor fakeness and meaningless interactions so if I don't feel like we have a genuine connection, I'd rather be alone. I'm opinionated and will argue passionately for my interpretations, ideas & beliefs, but I'm respectful & fair. While I will savagely attack your arguments, I won't ever attack you personally. I will listen to your arguments & reflect on them (I'm open to having you try & change my mind). I don't engage in nasty, underhanded behaviours such as gaslighting, deflecting or name-calling. I'm very likely be dismissive, condescending, even rude, if you do. Sometimes I cuss. I have little patience for people who are passive aggressive, don't communicate, overly emotional & immature.

My drama taste:
I look for dramas that break the frame. Some cultural aspects will never change, however, I need to see newness or a more universal approach to how the characters behave, think, feel. Mature, emotionally intelligent, resilient leading characters who act rationally & thoughtfully are my favourites.

I love romance. I'm a romantic at heart so I like a bit of romance in everything that I watch, though I can never find the type of romance I like in Asian dramas. I hate the standard cheesy, sugary, diabetes inducing, juvenile, fake kissing type romance that dramas are known for.
I love tortured male leads with a bit of edginess & irreverence to them. He should be badass, but protective & tender. I love sensible, intelligent, loyal, supportive female leads who have quiet strength. Female leads who are too emotional, shrewish, given to histronics & have a victim mentality are NOT welcome.

In romantic dramas, I need adults, of or around the same age (late 20s - early 40s). No noona romances, too pretentious & every year the age gaps seem to get bigger and bigger. Oppa romances are okay (since they're 'out of fashion', I tend to find them more realistic  & relatable). However, regardless of gender, I'm not into May - December relationships, so the age gap shouldn't be too wide.  

I believe love, romance & physical intimacy go hand in hand. If all I'm seeing is orchestrated, fakeass kissing & no physical intimacy, I'm throwing the whole damn drama away. I refuse to watch a drama if the kisses are awkward and or the physical intimacy is non-existent. I know I might be missing out on some quality dramas.
Unnie doesn't give a shit.

I watch dramas for relaxation & escape. Realism is welcome, but the dramas should leave me with positive emotions and or a sense of upliftment. I'm not the person who exorcises her negative emotions by watching more negativity & bawling it out. Therefore, happy endings over tragic ones.

I'm not a feminist. Do I believe in equality between the sexes, yes. However, that's not what postmodern feminism is all about. Do not try to convince me otherwise. You will fail. Because I'm not a feminist, I don't do so-called 'pussy power' type dramas, but I do love dramas with sensible, shrewd, enterprising female leads.

My ratings:
I rate based on a combination of factors, not only enjoyment.
I may have enjoyed a drama, but if it's riddled with cliches & nonsensical characters, it's getting a low score. I also pay attention to other creative & technical qualities - in dramas that would mostly be the writing & acting. I don't focus on direction/cinematography so much unless they truly stand out since all drama direction (camera & photo) look more or less the same to me. In movies, I look for distinctive artistic qualities & a strong directorial voice, in addition to how emotionally invested I am in the narrative.
My average score for dramas is 6. For movies, it's 7.
A rating above 6 & 7 respectively, usually indicates something about the drama/movie stood out.
10: High artistic merit meets emotional resonance (Masterpiece) / Spectacular dopamine boost
9: Memorable, 8: Enjoyable/Enjoyable enough (8-), 7: Good/Decent (7-), 6: Watchable/OK
5: Problematic, 4: Waste of Time/Dislike, 3: Poor, 2: Piss Poor
1: Irredeemable/Disaster


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