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Proud Bibliophile

Proud Bibliophile

About Youth taiwanese drama review
About Youth
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by Proud Bibliophile
Nov 18, 2022
Overall 3.5
Story 4.5
Acting/Cast 3.5
Music 3.0
Rewatch Value 2.5


If I had to describe this show in one word it would be 'underwhelming'.

Thats the general feeling I had watching most of it.

I wanted more from the characters & the story. I wanted to love this series & enjoy it like many others but all I feel is underwhelmed.

From ep1 until like ep7, the 3 main characters had this all encompassing aura of sadness around them. Even when the smiled, laughed or genuinely enjoyed themselves it all still felt so sad.
In that sense alone, I found it so overwhelming/stifling.

Xu Qizhang's bandmates and mom were honestly a breathe of fresh air & most of my favourite scenes from this series involves them.
My favourite character is definitely Xu Qizhang's mom. I actually grew to kinda care about her more than any other character in the show.

Character descriptions:

Qizhang - word vomit.
I've never seen anyone who offers up so much information that wasn't asked for. You could ask him a yes or no question and he'll tell you his whole life's story?

Guang - shallow.
I don't know much about him other than he has strict parents, is best friends with Ray & likes Qizhang. I don't know what he likes, dislikes or even who he is. I sympathise with him because of his situation but I couldn't connect with him as a character.

Ray - frivolous

He is the most interesting & unique character in the show... on paper. The two best friends suffer from the same character flaw. We didn't actually get to learn much about them. Why was he dressed like woman for his ex? Does he like dressing prettily? Who is he?

Jian - love interest.

That's kind of it. He is Ray's love interest and is in a band. How old is he? What are his interests? Why's he in a band? Why does he like Ray? None of these are answered.

Also Ray & Jian's first kiss was laughably awkward & Idk that was the intention.

Basically I can relate to what they're going through and I can even relate to what they're feeling but I just struggle to relate to these characters. Their lack of depth leaves me with nothing other than sympathy for them.

It was promising but ultimately underwhelming.
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