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Hello! Welcome to my profile. :D

I'm a 20 year old university student who honestly should be studying right now but my love for dramas is too undeniable to simply put aside.             

Science Fiction Nerd | Music |Kpop | Nature |Coffee > Tea | ENFJ Fashion | True Crime Stories | Romantic Stories | 

                              Feel free to send me a friend request.                                                                                                                                                  

My Rating System

0 - 3 = I absolutely hated it, not worth a second of your watch time.

4 - 5 = Boring and simply horrible. But there were at least a few things/few episodes I liked. Wouldn't recommend watching though. 

6 -7 = Lots of good things, but also some things that disappointed me a bit. Several things to improve on, but not a waste of time. 

8 - 9 = Would recommend to others,  great/amazing quality and worth watching. Only a few things to improve on. (If it's a 9 or above, definitely add it to your plan to watch list).

10 = Absolutely incredible, worth dropping everything and watching immediately . I most likely rewatched it as well (I tend not to rewatch things a lot).  NOTE: I hardly ever give out a 10, if you are looking for a good drama to watch, 8-9.5s are recommended!)

Genres/Tags I Like or Tend to Watch :)
RomanceFeminist ViewpointFriendship
Romantic leads butting heads in the beginning ComedySmart/Clever Leads
Law (Maybe Medical...)Sismance/BromanceAction & Thriller
Cute Male LeadsIdols/KpopBad Boys
Things I Tend To Avoid If I Can
Huge age gaps between Romantic PartnersStorylines ending with gaping plot holes or changing the main message for no good reasonExtremely clueless/stupid/clingy/whiny main characters
Bullying plotsTragediesExcessive Flashbacks
My Very First Dramas



Been an ARMY since Jan. 2018 and started watching kdramas several months after. My favourite dramas include Pinocchio, He is Psychometric, Her Private Life, and Search:WWW. Check out "My Favourites <3" list to see the others! 

I joined MDL in May 2019, mostly because I wanted to write reviews for dramas I had seen. After joining I realized how much more there is to this site. I love the constant discussions in the feeds, the articles published by users and the overall convenience of the site. If anyone has any trade secrets, let ya girl know. ;)

Current CrushFavourite OST/DiscographyDrama of the month
  • Ha Ru / Rowoon 



Go about your kdrama journey!!!  


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