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Dramas are literally my life. Basically, I grew up watching dramas - local dramas shown in my home country (either English, my 2nd language or Chinese) 

But here's where the K and J dramas all began:

It all started back in 2006, where I randomly switched on the tv, and coincidentally it was showing My Lovely Samsoon (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) and poof! Suddenly I love korean dramas.

The next year, I ventured into Japanese Dramas, starting with Trick (the third season) (it was the same channel), and I never looked back. The whole Trick series meant a lot to me, so I think no drama could ever top my love for it.

As years went by, the Hallyu Wave hit everyone, and suddenly everyone was into kpop and kdramas. But I left the fandom because of that.

In 2012, I rediscovered my love for Japanese dramas.

After my major exams in 2013, I started to watch Korean dramas again, with I Hear Your Voice. It didn't leave a major impact on me, until one day I decided to watch Master's Sun and BAM I love korean dramas now!

I'm trying to catch up on as many dramas as I can, but life gets in the way sometimes. For me, Korean dramas are like friends who either make me really happy, sad or angry, but Japanese dramas always made me feel like I'm coming back home.

My rating scale:

10.0 - absolutely loved the drama, despite its flaws and plot holes (tend to be biased lol).

9.5 - loved it, but there's something that's holding me back from giving it a 10.

9.0 - loved it but its flaws were too glaring

8.5 - great, but something lacking.

8.0 - good, but not something I'd love.

7.5 - meh drama. Mostly neutral (started great but ended badly, but I don't necessarily hate it)

7.0 - boring. skip.

6.5 - even more boring. 

6.0 - drama made me fall asleep or lose my hair or both. 

anything below 6 - don't watch. never ever.


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