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Little Unknown


Little Unknown


So am an ENTJ , sometimes I get too invested in particular dramas so yah ..... and I love a couple of dramas (listed already) but I usually don't harbor hate for any drama or series .

Am intrested in genres like psychology, complex characters , emotional outburst , Dylan Wang ( if thats a genre ?) 

Rewatch is smt I absolutely dont do so my " all time favs " r actually very unique, my thumb rule " never rewatch fluff dramas " they only give me momentary entertainment so its better to watch a new one .


This account is also dedicated to UNKNOWN the bl series , u can reach out to me for eng sub interviews and promotion vids by the actors, fanfics and discuss the plot with me .

If u haven't seen unknown yet UR MISSING OUT its a gem in this monotonous bl world (its available on yt)



 ( Chris looks so cute and handsome at the same time am dead  (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠))

  Check out these links if ur a unknown fan too and support the work & actors


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