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Re Suzuki


Re Suzuki


I'm Rebeca and I started to watch dramas in 2014, with the k-drama "Fated to Love You"

I still enjoy korean dramas, but now I'm willing to watch more c-dramas, because I like so much to learn about History, specially Asian History and China provides us many Historical dramas in which I am able to fall in love with the characters and learn a little bit more about Chinese culture in general, including the historical background in the plots. 

My favorite genres are Historical, Romance, Action (with Martial Arts scenes), School and a little of Mystery. Wuxia dramas are also inside of my heart <3 

My favorite Chinese actor and singer is Ma Tian Yu, while in Korea, the idol I like the most is the female actress and singer Im Yoona, because I apreciate a lot her slightly and sweet smile and acting skills) 


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