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Ricky Riwooky


Ricky Riwooky


My nickname is Rici (Ricky) or Ria (Female) I'm a german Drama Fan. 

I started some years ago, but stop for a longer time with watching dramas . But then I fall in love with the drama "Thirty but Seventeen" and decided to watch more dramas in the future. My PTW is full soo I have enough for a loong time. But feel free to suggesting some of your favorites. 

My english skills are good enough to understand but writing... <-  I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made!

Feel free to send a friends request ;)

Currently Watching

TharnType The Series
Bad Romance: The Series
Kiss Me Again
Friend.ship with KristSingto
School Rangers
Running Man

I rate dramas according to my feelings! I'm okay with bad acting and so on, as long I fall in love with the drama, cause of charakters, story, setting...  the "Oh, I love it" feeling!!. If I give a drama/movie  ... 

  • 10 - 9 ⭐  = I reaalllly love it!! 
  • 9I reaalllly like it
  • 8,5 I liked it a lot!
  • 8  = It was good! and I like it! 
  • 7,5 - 7  = It was okay and I like it but it was not the best for me.
  • 6,5 - 6  = It was not the best (for me)... but I still like some stuff, some episodes.
  • Below  = Everything below was ... (not my taste). 

My favorite Actors!...

Jung Il WooAhn Hyo Seop

My favorites from Japan...

Fukushi SotaNakagawa TaishiChiba Yudai
Yoshizawa Ryo

My favorites of the elder generation...

Choi Jung Woo
Kim Mi Kyung

... under construction...


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