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I'm a dramafan. :) (What a surprise, right?^^) My first drama (if I remember well) was Playful kiss not a long years ago. My mania started with it. I didn't know anything about South-Korea so after japanese animes and mangas the korean language and everything else was really weird. But after my first drama I started to love this country. Its culture, music and everything.

Nowadays I only watch asian dramas. After japanese and korean dramas I started my friendship with taiwanese and chinese ones. :)

These dramas are medicine for my mental illness. :D When my life is hard or I just want to hide from the world I watch one of my favourites and I'll feel well. I love them because I can live in a completely different world for a few days. I can forget all of my pain and I can rebuilt my collapsed life.

Anybody can tell that I'm not normal. But I can tell them that I'm more normal than them. :) I like relaxing, laughing and sometimes crying when I watch dramas.

So dramas mean this for me. :)


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