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Feb 24, 2017
24 of 24 episodes seen
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Overall 4.0
Story 2.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
Let me start by saying that I started watching this show with a lot of hopes. The reviews and rating was enough to get my hopes up. Although I got few bad reviews saying otherwise I trusted the majority and I kept an open mind about the show. So let me break down for you my reasons for disappointment.
STORY: The story started nicely and considering the time of it's airing I thought the concept might not be as cliched at that time. At the very beginning I found it nice that the MCs and the supporting roles all had their ambitions and the story premises was also a bit different. Truthfully I liked it. The female lead, being a modern and young girl forced to marry a prince and made to learn their traditional ways when dealing with the fact that her husband had no interest in her and being really straight forward about it too, gave her some depth and also made her relationship with Yul plausible. She was cheerful, funny, considerate and also a strong female who knew her situation and faced it boldly. Then came the down fall. When the first obstacle came, I understood, the way they lived through it, the jealousy, the history. The story had a lot of potential and they had some supporting roles that could have played a major role like the Crown Prince's sister or may be the King and even the Queen's role had much to say than it actually did (Comparatively the Queen was much active.) As the story proceeded to 17+ episode I really became frustrated. The princess became whiny and the Yul became more stupid and unpalatable (seriously I like how Min Hyo Rin's character exited the show unlike Yul's.) At one point I found myself not recognizing the characters at all. Even Yul's mother( villain) had no depth. It felt like a new writer came along and wrote whatever he wanted. And the ending was the most confusing so much so that I watched it twice and It felt empty and without timeline. Like it was forced. It left me with no recurring feeling for the show or respect for any of the character. The whole show seems to base on jealousy and greed. I mean I thought She was pretty was cliched but I loved it and I will watch it again just to experience that bond between the characters and to see their individual identity which made them irreplaceable. Even sweet 18 had its good points even if they mostly concentrated on the MCs. I just did not feel anything here. I am still a bit confused to be honest.
MUSIC and CAST: The songs were pretty good and I liked the actors. Nice acting. They did really well despite the script. Maybe that is why this show is so famous. Event the depiction of culture and tradition was not bad.But I still won't watch it again.
I guess how they wasted the opportunity to make it something better is what got to me the most. When you already watched 17 or 18 episode you really wouldn't want to drop a show but those 6-7 episodes ruined everything for me otherwise I would have given it at least a 6 or more. :( :(

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