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Triple Fling season 2 is the sequel to Triple Fling! Unfortunately for some of you, although it is the second season, the cast are no longer the same as the first season. However, the plot is still the same as the first season, so, you'll definitely enjoy it!
Recommended by YANGYL - Aug 1, 2019
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-both are web-dramas
-both genres are mystery/investigation
-both give off a similar vibe
-both drama's main casts are idols; ?????, namjoo (apink), seonho and hyungseob, and in ??? ????, hyemi (nine muses) and changjo (teen top)
Recommended by YANGYL - Apr 28, 2019
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These two shows hold a Similar Concept. Both main casts work in a team that consists of players like, a swindler, a hacker, a fighter and etc. Both also have 1 female on the team.
Recommended by YANGYL - Oct 3, 2018
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Both dramas are about a girl wanting to debut in the music industry and there is also romance going on in both dramas.
Recommended by YANGYL - Oct 8, 2017
-1 Girl and 2 or more guys
-Similar vibe
-Drama & a movie
Recommended by YANGYL - Jun 14, 2017