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Congrats My Ex!
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Nov 16, 2023
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Overall 7.5
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Fun and Forgettable watch!!!

First things first... I'm an Indian and I should mention this because this review will be from that POV....Now , if you are someone who doesn't want to watch a movie without giving much thought to it then this is that perfect afternoon watch for you. Now coming to the,
1. Story Plot : As given it is not something with that much depth and along the movie none of the characters have any major development and you can almost ignore the side characters because they are present there for some reason which you can very well avoid. You can avoid them just like the writers avoided a lot of serious stuffs in a comedic manner which by the way is not something you need to brush off. It was something that Thai industry does ignoring some major societal issues.

2. Setting : Apart from the actors and the prime location nothing is Thai but is it Indian ?! NO They took the Indian wedding theme and did research a lot I guess because you will feel that you are viewing an Indian Wedding (a blah one ofcourse). Also then somehow you will also get a touch of K-dramas because of its all cute scenes and expressions.

3. Acting: Bright is someone who knows what he is required to do and does the job accordingly , there is very little that he adds on his own but as he has his own charm , it does the job and I like him on screen coming to Bella , she was literally forced to speak English (I know she is Thai but half British) and if she can't speak English that we'll writers could have done something to it rather than just going with the flow of that very bad accent. Now Mahir and Anahita are a known name in Indian Television and they were pretty much on the same page as the story and everything given that they are Indian and they know what's next.

4. Music : Here! I loved that scene and also Anahita talked so much about it that at one point I was waiting for this scene. It was well executed with a pretty good dance to go along and also Bright danced to an Indian song ... I'm happy!

5. Climax : The chase scene was hilarious. No doubt that made me feel like okay this is an Indian comedy movie and it gave a nostalgia of 90s comedy movies . It was a fun watch.

This was movie with a cliche plot but fun to watch. It's just that there's a very little meat to the bone . It's a good watch in a lazy afternoon where you can have a good laugh even thinking about your ex!

This is my personal view on this Indo-Thai take, please note that I'm Indian and I looked at this entire thing from that POV. If you are someone who is new to this entire setting them it will obviously blow your mind it's cute. Happy Watching!

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