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...then you might like
There's quite a bit of similarities (character wise). Reserved salary man meats a more outgoing male leads and becomes more open. Lots of food themes and heartwarming
Recommended by sjay - Jan 22, 2024
...then you might like
Black Knight also takes in the future, where people have to struggle for survival. The future timeline in Black Knight is also destroyed (like in Pending Train).
Recommended by sjay - Aug 12, 2023
If you liked
...then you might like
Be Reborn 2 is a direct sequel to the first part (Be Reborn). It will continue with the mystery of Wen Jie's father.
Recommended by sjay - Jan 14, 2023
If you liked
...then you might like
If you enjoyed the main pairing of this show, then you might be interested in "A Boss and a Babe" (terrible naming if you ask me). Forcebook will be the main couple and one of the support characters in Enchante will be a part of the second couple in ABAB.
Recommended by sjay - Nov 24, 2022
This is an upcoming (2023) Thai remake of the original series/manga. The humor will most likely be changed to fit the Thai audiences, but it still might have the same essence as the Japanese show.
Recommended by sjay - Nov 24, 2022
Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Transmutation is the third part to the live-action series of Fullmetal Alchemist.
Recommended by sjay - Aug 11, 2022
Dorokei does not have family-like connection as K2, but it had many similar elements.
1. Detective-crime based story
2. Both have comedic elements
3. Has some revenge based flashback
4. Naive main male leads / new to the job
5. Bromance
6. Corrupted higher officials
I would definitely recommend giving this a try!
Recommended by sjay - Mar 27, 2022
Special parody episodes of the original show (shows all the characters together). You don't have to watch season 2 to watch this. It isn't strictly necessary for understanding the show's plot.
Recommended by sjay - Mar 24, 2022
It's the sequel. While the second part is not as funny as the first one, it's still very good. The second part calls out more BL drama cliches, but it's also a tad bit more emotional than the first part.
Recommended by sjay - Mar 24, 2022
If you liked
...then you might like
This is the original/first version of the show. If you liked Baker Boys or Antique Bakery, then you might like the original Japanese version.
Recommended by sjay - Jan 3, 2022
Both of them include supernatural elements. The main lead has some sort of power like how Naoya has a power. He is recruited as an assistant to a mysterious guy and they work together to solve problems.
Recommended by sjay - Oct 2, 2021