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Probably drowning in kdramas.


Probably drowning in kdramas.

A stranger is a friend, you haven't met yet. 

Every day, you have new chances to meet strangers, that can turn out to be your friends.
So take those chances and enjoy life.
With that being said, I'll introduce myself.

About me:
  • INFJ-T, but once I get to know you, I'll never shut up
  • addicted to K-POP and Dramas
  • ult groups are Seventeen, Astro and A.C.E (who would have guessed with that profile pic, lmao)
  • My reviews are pretty honest, and it sometimes seems, like I can't appreciate a drama.
    But I just give my reviews based on the plot and acting, no matter if my favorite actor is in it or not.

I don't know how you got here or why you read my introduction, but let's be friends. 

Feel free to add me, so we can ramble about the most random stuff. (:

Favorite dramas:
  • I love how the plot evolves, every EP got you hooked to the next one.
  • Every character has its own story, which makes you sympathize with them on another level, but yet the main story plot is not tainted or gotten any less boring
  • Plot twists over plot twists. 
  • Easily a 10/10 from me.
  • One of the most unique dramas I have seen.
  • Outstanding cast, they portrayed every emotion so well.
  • Every Episode got you hooked, but at the same time it was distressing and calming.
  • Friendship and Teamwork are one of the mayor topics of this drama.
Twinkling watermelon
  • fantastic story plot
  • loveable main as well as side characters, as well as good character development
  • so much work put into portraying the characters
  • heartwarming but also heartbreaking


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