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In order to read someone else's correspondence in Viber, there are special programs. Narrow-profile software is designed specifically for a specific messenger and takes into account all its features. Given the enormous amount of software and the requirements for computing power, Viber breaking is carried out remotely. You do not need to buy, download and install the program for hacking Viber on your PC - it's enough to take advantage of remote access to professional software. This is how our service Top Spy Apps works: you enter the portal through your personal account and track the correspondence of the person you are interested in by nickname or phone number.

The main advantage of the program for hacking Viber is its effectiveness - the algorithm for obtaining data is based on vulnerabilities in information transfer and encryption systems. Top Spy Apps  does not directly interact to protect the application - it bypasses it and receives data indirectly. This allows you to go unnoticed by the security system. You can read any correspondence of the subscriber, and he himself remains unaware of the surveillance.

To crack Viber with our program, you just need to know the phone number to which the profile of the person you are interested in is attached. You probably know that the Viber account is bound to the number of the SIM card.


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