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Another Me chinese drama review
Another Me
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by Terrica18
Sep 6, 2019
53 of 53 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
Warning: the image used promotes a cheery vibe but it is not cheery at all.
Many of the viewers have commented on this series comparing it to meteor garden because of one of the main cast. I agree that the setting is somewhat similar however the series itself is very melancholy compared to meteor garden. I will not reduce a star due to the acting because the acting is good. I have however reduce stars due to the cliché and overused plot, that being the self-sacrificing for friends routine and living in misery. In addition to this I find that the main female character was a bit unstable and scary. While most people sympathized with the main lead I found her character to be somewhat controlling, sneaky and flaky. I used more gentler terms here. There were too many fights and make ups to ever get a real sense of a budding romance. There was zero chemistry between the two leads, male and female. In addition to that the series is called another me. But up to this point I cannot see how the story connect with the title. I am certain that the series is about two friends however they have unfortunately shown more of the boring and unstable friend versus the one who is more outgoing. I have essentially begun to skip past the first female lead to get to the life of the second female lead because it has a little more spunk to it.

The series took about 30 episodes to get interesting and even then it didn’t last long. One let down after another for the character. Seriously, it was like “what next”

Although it picks up after episode 30, my honest opinion is that you will begin to notice a trend going on. And that trend is one friend rescuing the other over and over again and being put down when things don’t go the way the other people intended it to. You will notice a pattern of sadness and selfishness.

I watched the last four episodes with only partial subs and I will say that it was a mirrored reflection of the entire series which was slow, uneventful and sad. although there were a few things that were heartfelt or emotional it was nothing different from the beginning. To this point I cannot see how the title ties into the series at all. Maybe I skipped a scene or two and the term another me was used, I have no idea. I absolutely, most positively cannot recommend this series to my hopeless romantic‘s, action films lovers, comedy lovers, cuteness lovers, great chemistry lovers or those that like a good plot. This series lacks all of those things. This series reminds me of one of those stories where everyone is depressed and resolved to be miserable. They wrap up the ending with a somewhat more positive note but still sad for some. Just noooo.

“meteor garden” but much sadder and slower pace-painfully
“Ode to joy” but slightly slower and less humor
“Single ladies senior” but much longer
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