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Yi City


Yi City

Hello! Welcome to my profile full of The Untamed.  I can often be found lurking on Feeds, as a matter of fact I am probably lurking there right now.  

Friend requests and messages welcome! I promise my love for The Untamed is contained... most days... 


My rating system is less a system than it is a gut reaction. I keep this section here to help me interpret my own thoughts before rating a drama/movie.

0-6 - serious production flaws or highly problematic content; do not recommend

6.5-7.5 - perfectly fine; some flaws; might recommend to certain people

8-8.5 - some flaws; great elements to balance things out; would probably recommend

9-9.5 - very few flaws; might rewatch; would recommend

10 - reserved for my absolute favorites; will definitely rewatch; would highly recommend



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