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Allegra Beatrix


Allegra Beatrix


I am brazilian and i don't master english, so i used google translation.

I am shy and closed, I have a hard time showing emotions, so I rarely do it. I can be suspicious, selfish and cold a lot of the times, but I don't mean it, however, despite the above fact, I am very empathetic and sentimental, sometimes even needy and jealous, but I'm working to improve on that. I am very creative, perfectionist, a bit controlling, and a little too sensitive. I consider myself 80% mature and 20% immature. There are difficult things that I understand easily, and easy things that I have trouble understanding. I am also terrible at explaining things without enough time to prepare. I like to see and make people feel good, I can't explain why, I just know that I'm happy when others are happy and I'm bad when they are bad or fighting. I hate fights and I am proud to have never been involved in any.

I have always liked everything (or almost everything, at least) related to horror, suspense, mystery, supernatural, fantasy and crime, romance doesn't interest me much, but I like those with focus on lgbtqiaplus couples. My favorite genre of music is pop (from various countries), but I listen to (almost) everything. I love books and would have a private library at home if I had one.

I officially became a kpopper between 2014-2016, with blackjack (2NE1) and lavely (Ladie's Code) being my first fandoms. I prefer male groups, and badass and dark concepts. As for Animes and Dramas, I officially became a fan in 2019-2020, with Death Note and Nanno From Nowhere.

I prefer contemporary plots, with focus on fantasy, horror, suspense, crime, supernatural and mystery, short (either in number of episodes or length) and with representation, especially if the audience can create theories about the plot and have many emotions.


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