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Nanba MG5: Zenkai Baribaride Arigato-hen japanese drama review
Nanba MG5: Zenkai Baribaride Arigato-hen
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by Bikutaa
Aug 2, 2022
1 of 1 episodes seen
Overall 3.0
Story 1.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Nothing to see here

This is one of the most disappointing SP that I have ever watched. The SP is all about retelling the Nanba MG5 story from the beginning, since Nanba's entrance to high school until the last episode. While it's common for SPs to contain previous footage from past episodes, This is like 90% old footage and basically doesn't add anything to the story. I feel like they just used some cut scenes and mixed with old footage. To be honest, even if they gave us only cut scenes, that would be OK with me as long as it showed another side of a character or if it was better edited. I give it a 3/10 because it is still watchable for a Nanba MG5 like me.
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