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Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe

I’m a Shawol Elf Exo and NCTizen

Hi I’m WatchNonstop ! 



I’m 20 years old and I love to watch dramas!

Okay to start from the beginning 


My first Korean  drama I’ve watched it was in the 8 January 2017 - 16 January 2017

Entertainer ,,딴따라,, I loved it much. But I never thought ? that Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese uploading every single month dramas. So I didn’t watch any other since June 2017 ! YEAH!! Such a long time right. In June 2017 I’ve watched Mischievous kiss (Korean drama) and I started to listen the ost from both dramas.  So, I like To listen to music moreover boys group so I got interested in kpop  group. 

That’s also the beginning of my kpop history! But that’s not case now! So, my first ongoing korean drama was ? ? ?. . . MELO HOLIC! I like the story the cast and of course the OST! I’ve continued with While you were sleeping (W Two worlds I’ve watched before Meloholic) and in the same period started another drama I’m not a robot! All these 3 was in October November December already while you were sleeping was complete, I’m not a robot was still ongoing! Then the day of December 18 came! As I said I started to listen kpop since summer 2017 I started with got7, SHINee my first song from them was Just right (got7) and Ring Ding Dong (SHINee) BTW now (December 2019) I listen to SHINee (almost everybody are in army) but still listening to their beautiful music and of course I’m  waiting for their comeback! Super Junior, NCT( all of them) and Exo .                     This another story but again not the case! I’m not a robot also finished and there supposed to be another drama with a robot ,,Are you human too,, I’ve read on Asianwiki (my trust worthy wiki site along with mydramalist) that filming was finished in November 2017 so I thought it could be soon uploaded but it wasn’t and also said that will be Monday/ Tuesday upload and estimated the monthly March not the date! Every single Monday and Tuesday in March I’ve waited for this drama! But because I had an exam then I didn’t have time to check on Asianwiki what’s going on! So whe I finished my exam I’ve checked again and Guess What! It sit it will be in   June 4 I felt like my heart dropped! But those months past so easy because I had other drama to watch so it wasn’t hard at all! I won’t talk about every single drama that I’ve watched! 

BTW in 2019 I was on a little hiatus because I’ve had hard time! I’ve lost 9 animals in one year in winter a 6 year old cat in summer a 5 years old dog and 2 months 4 dogs because their mom is 10 years so they’re not healthy! I also found two weeks cat in my garden brought by some of our negligent neighbor and she grow up so fast and three months later another cat I found maybe the same way was brought by a naughty neighbor! But she was so little and I tried to feed her and after a week she died! So I have now a dog (zuzu ) and a cat (yuki). I’ve started to watch again with vagabond and Melting me softly! The oldest korean drama was rooftop prince and mischievous kiss.


As always the  important thing is ratings!

Here I’ll  classify what drama I’m watching the most not liking !

Korean 10/10

Taiwanese 9/10

Chinese 8/10

Japanese 6/10

Thai 5,5/10

Filippine 5/10

Don’t feel offended if you watch filippine or Thai dramas I’ve rated witch I watch the most not how I like it if you watch on Watch List I’ve rated there how I like them ! And basically I always rate them with ten stars. Maybe on every or two was less than 10 but in rest all of them have 10 ?


Korean 10/10

Taiwanese 9,8/10

Chinese 9,6/10

Japanese 8/10

Thai 7,8/10

Filippine 7,7/10

I’m so glad to be friends!

We will know each other!  


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