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Imaginary BL world


Imaginary BL world

Newly found love for BL, not a real life shipper like those crazy girls we see in these BLs but wouldn't mind seeing some rl cp.

Some of my fav BLs: KinnPorsche, Not Me, HIStory3:Trapped, Bad Buddy, ITSAY, SCOY, My Ride, The Eclipse

Fav kdrama: Descendants of the Sun

Fav movies: The Lord of the Rings (all of them) and Twilight (all of them)

Fav novels/books: Twilight (all of them), TLOTR, Harry Potter (all of them), Bed Friend (BL), Love Storm (BL), Between Us(BL),  The Horologicon, and lastly but not least all books by Willa Nash. 

Fav ships: BounPrem, OhmNanon, MaxTul, OffGun, TayNew, YinWar, BossNoeul, FirstKhao, Singto and all his ships lol.

Fav YT: Lucas and Kibo, Bosung and June and Buzz and Nuster and Heavenly BL

Fav music: Killer Queen by Mad Tsai, Mommae by JayPark, BTBT by B.I, Thunderous and Maniac by Stray Kids, Cherry Bomb, Boss and The 7th Sense by NCT, and lastly Killshot by Eminem.

Twitter: @Ghost_Wave_

Insta: writtenwonderfully

Reddit: u/WaveGhostR

Languages: Portuguese, English and Russian. 

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